Before the medics come rushing to your rescue, there is a quick and simple way to roll back an ESXi “image” to a previous version.

No resuscitation needed! Just take a deep couple of breaths and follow the steps outlined below..

Note: In the example below, it assumes system stability and reliability ceased after upgrading to

ESXi 5.0 U1 and you need to rollback.

Use the ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

  • This can be accomplished by physical access to the server, or connecting to the ESXi server via hardware remote console (iLO, Raritan, Drac, etc.)
  • Boot or Reboot the ESXi host
  • Press Shift +R to enter into recovery mode

  • Installed Hypervisors are listed
  • To confirm rollback press “Y”

  • Server should now reboot to the previous version of ESXi 5


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